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August 2021 – Rebecca – Is giving up on a dream a good thing?

Our personalities aren’t as fixed as we used to think –  what we value or what excites us changes over time, and with it our purpose.

And when that happens, you may have to move on from a dream that you’ve held dear for a long time. 


Three questions to ask yourself when you feel you lost your mojo

Dream more!

Never give up on your dreams. Just accept that they may change, and if they do, you’re about to learn something new and exciting about yourself!

Check out Rebecca’s white paper about decoding purpose:

July 2021 – Katherine – being credible when you’re trying to do the right thing

Doing the right thing is more than just committing to a technical goal like reducing emissions because if you simply decide, announce and defend what you’re doing you can actually reduce the amount of support and social license you have.

You need also demonstrate that you have understood the expectations of society, you have evolved your thinking because of those expectations and that you are genuinely grappling with the issue in all of its nuance and complexity.


It starts with listening

So it really comes down to listening and ensuring that other feel heard and understood.

If you listen to others with the intention of really understanding their point of view instead of waiting for your turn to talk, you show that you’re genuinely interested in doing more than simply arguing one side of a debate.

If we want to solve the bigger problems of the world, we start with listening.

Katherine Teh is a strategist who specialises in social license and runs empathy training programs. She’s also the founder of Futureye, a business that helps organisations understand societal attitudes around how they operate.

June 2021 – Clinton – Cooking Sunday Dinner

Last month we started a series of short video stories about credibility and connection for leaders.

As part of this project, we ran a little pilot with our friend Clinton who runs Kitchen After Dark.  Kitchen After Dark does many things, but according to 8-year-old Mobius Moorman, they make the world’s best cookies.

Extensive and repeated research by the rest of the Moorman family has so for confirmed this finding, but MORE RESEARCH IS NEEDED. Way more research.

Food as a way to connect.

We loved the story about how cooking Sunday Dinner is a rite of passage in the Hazel family.

If you need to do your own cookie research, here’s where you can find Kitchen After Dark.


May 2021 – Adaptability Quotient

I love how some interviews give me a spring in my step.  Here’s a video featuring the FutureCrunch people about our Adaptability Quotient.

AQ is about how to handle change; do we embrace and maybe even enjoy it or do we batten down the hatches or double down on our fixed ideas?

Intelligent Optimism is a choice



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