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Sam Maresh – the power of Humility

We love this insight that Sam Maresh shared with us when we interviewed him for a video we created for GE.

Humility is at the core of what engineers do: humility is about being open to learning and contributing to other people’s success.


Kon Karapanagiotidis – Connection through purpose

It was inspiring to have a conversation with Kon Karapanagiotidis from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre about how to build trust as a leader.

Kon believes leaders need to connect people to each other by gathering around a purpose that is bigger than them.

As leaders, we need to bring them along on the journey to create a community that is kinder, more connected and more compassionate.


Tane Hunter – Scientific evidence enhances your stories

It’s always a joy to have conversations with the wonderful people of FutureCrunch. FutureCrunch is a group of awesome scientists and experts who tell stories of progress that help us have hope for the future.

In this video, Tane Hunter talks about how we can connect to each other through our ideas.

As leaders, we need both credibility and connection to have the impact we desire, so it’s key that we have both scientific evidence as well as the ability to tell stories.

Scientific evidence is not the opposite of good storytelling. Scientific evidence enhances and enriches our stories, giving us so many reasons to be excited about the possible future of humanity.

Human progress is about intelligent, informed optimism.


Rebecca – Is giving up on a dream a good thing?

Our personalities aren’t as fixed as we used to think –  what we value or what excites us changes over time, and with it our purpose.

And when that happens, you may have to move on from a dream that you’ve held dear for a long time. 


Three questions to ask yourself when you feel you lost your mojo

Dream more!

Never give up on your dreams. Just accept that they may change, and if they do, you’re about to learn something new and exciting about yourself!

Check out Rebecca’s white paper about decoding purpose:

Katherine – being credible when you’re trying to do the right thing

Doing the right thing is more than just committing to a technical goal like reducing emissions because if you simply decide, announce and defend what you’re doing you can actually reduce the amount of support and social license you have.

You need also demonstrate that you have understood the expectations of society, you have evolved your thinking because of those expectations and that you are genuinely grappling with the issue in all of its nuance and complexity.


It starts with listening

So it really comes down to listening and ensuring that other feel heard and understood.

If you listen to others with the intention of really understanding their point of view instead of waiting for your turn to talk, you show that you’re genuinely interested in doing more than simply arguing one side of a debate.

If we want to solve the bigger problems of the world, we start with listening.

Katherine Teh is a strategist who specialises in social license and runs empathy training programs. She’s also the founder of Futureye, a business that helps organisations understand societal attitudes around how they operate.

Clinton – Cooking Sunday Dinner

Last month we started a series of short video stories about credibility and connection for leaders.

As part of this project, we ran a little pilot with our friend Clinton who runs Kitchen After Dark.  Kitchen After Dark does many things, but according to 8-year-old Mobius Moorman, they make the world’s best cookies.

Extensive and repeated research by the rest of the Moorman family has so for confirmed this finding, but MORE RESEARCH IS NEEDED. Way more research.

Food as a way to connect.

We loved the story about how cooking Sunday Dinner is a rite of passage in the Hazel family.

If you need to do your own cookie research, here’s where you can find Kitchen After Dark.


Adaptability Quotient

I love how some interviews give me a spring in my step.  Here’s a video featuring the FutureCrunch people about our Adaptability Quotient.

AQ is about how to handle change; do we embrace and maybe even enjoy it or do we batten down the hatches or double down on our fixed ideas?

Intelligent Optimism is a choice



LG hub video test

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LG Hub video with chapters


Cycling safely during and after the Covid 19 lockdown

· Corona Virus

It’s great to see so many people using the lockdown to get back on their bikes for exercise and transport.

I’ve never seen so many people on the trails. My worry is that all those ‘new’ riders don’t have the right skill set to rejoin traffic in a safe manner.

This is why creating social media content around riding safely is so important right now. Here are a few things we’re working on at Bikefilms at the moment to support the effort.

Project 01 – Cycling safety project with the City Of Sydney

Here’s a video that’s part of a project we’re doing with the City Of Sydney and BikeWise to help riders be more empowered, confident and skillful when riding in traffic.

Project 02 – Covid-19 lockdown: is your bike safe to ride?

Here’s a video we created with BikeWise that was commissioned by the WA Roads.

Project 03 – driving a car around people on bikes

A project we’re doing with the University Of Adelaide to promote safe driving around cyclists. These videos are being used in an online test that you can find on

What can we do to make riding safer during the Covid-19 lockdown

One of the effects of the lockdown is that more people than ever are getting on their bikes. This is good news, but also a challenge.

The challenge is that we were already seeing a significant spike in injuries and deaths among cyclists in the months leading up to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This trend could be accelerated by more inexperienced riders entering the roads, especially if they keep riding after the pandemic subsides.

Now is the time to get ready

At Hunting With Pixels, we’re very passionate about making riding a bike the way it should be: fun, healthy and safe.

We want to use the spare capacity we have over the next few months to make a difference.

We’d love to talk to you on how we could collaborate on this.




Staying in touch with your people during the Covid 19 Virus lock down

· Corona Virus

These are challenging times.

Since the lockdown started, as a leader you suddenly have to manage a team over dozens, if not hundreds of team members working from home.

If you run a small business, you suddenly don’t have the network in place to stay connected to your clients.

People are looking at you as the leader to offer comfort and guidance in challenging times. Staying connected requires meaningful interactions.

Group emails and Zoom calls are great technologies for information, but not for connection.

As leaders, we need to inspire and support our people.

Timely, carefully crafted messages help your people stay engaged and productive.

To support you during the lockdown, we’re offering to create content with you that will help you stay connected. If you’re a friend or client we’ll do this on a ‘pay what you can’ basis, and in some cases even pro bono.

People don’t remember what you said. They remember how you made them feel.

Here’s how the CEO of Marriott communicated to his team.

Arne shows his humanity, while also delivering an honest assessment on how challenging the coming months will be.

The video has been shared and retweeted millions of times.

Case study 01: Deakin – Covid 19 announcement

This is how Jenni communicates the effects of the lockdown to the students of the Deakin Law School.

Follow up content for Deakin University

After the announcement, Jenni followed up with a piece about optimism and focus on opportunities in challenging times, urging students to use this time to upskill or to fast track their studies.

Case study 02: Acorro –  how to work from home effectively

After the initial announcement, you can stay in touch on a regular basis with shorter updates.

Case study 03 – WordPress – involve your team while keeping them safe

Here’s an example of a video based on team members filming themselves on their phones. We took care of the concept, direction and production management.  we did for WordPress

We support leaders during the lockdown

Here’s how we can support you as a leader;

  1. We craft your message. We help you create the right message at the right time
  2. We create strategy. The timing and order of what you say when matters.
  3. We coach you on how you deliver your messages.

The process

Lock Down discounts – pay what you can

We’re in this together.

Let’s have an honest, open conversation on where you’re at and what is possible in the current situation.

This is the time for all of us to support each other and to stay connected.

GE Power – telling the story

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Cisco – Connected Farms

NBN broadband – Connecting Purpose with Technology

We believe the process of creating engaging video content must start with a focus on people. Technology is just the tool to make the content look great.

Our work is based on the premise that we use content to create an emotional connection with the viewer first, then provide evidence of what the product delivers.

For this project, we would recommend combining our approach of supporting storytelling with the visuals created by a high-end Director of Photography.

We would also recommend a shorter video format of around two minutes where the story introduction is about 30 seconds, similar to the example you sent us.

How do you build the courage to tell your story from the heart?

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Trust and connection are the basis on which we run our businesses.

This is why it’s crucial that your content supports the building of trust and connection. Your video content needs to feel like a conversation, where you look happy, confident and in control.

How ‘videographers’ work

We don’t like being called a ‘videographers’ because videography is a technical process. We believe content creation is a people process.

Videographers typically put people in a small room, flick on a bunch of very bright lights and run the interviewee through a question list.

This approach is based on a learned default based on what we know from producing TV or news items. It’s fast and cost effective and leads to results like this: a perfectly adequate corporate video.

Interviewing vs having a conversation

Telling your story from the heart is a very different process. We focus on creating an environment where the people we talk to feel happy and confident.

It’s a process where we create conversations around meaningful connection. This is part of the coaching and facilitation process that is central to our brand: Confidence, Courage, Connection.

Here’s the same client, but now we’re having a conversation:

The 3 key differences

  1. What vs Why. When you have a conversation you get past the ‘what’ (features and benefits) to the ‘why’: talking about the experience of being part of the law clinic.

2. Ownership. Our process creates a sense of ownership for everyone involved. Instead of being told what to say, your team sees their own stories and experiences in your brand.

3. Connection. The viewer feels that they’re being talked to instead of ‘presented’ to. Instead of ‘presenting’ we’re being present with our viewers.

Being present, confident and courageous is how meaningful connection is created. From there, you can build trust with your audience.

That’s where you really start Hunting With Pixels!

Using the Vimeo Review page

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Here’s a quick tutorial on using the review page that we just sent you.

Once you land on the page, you can click directly on a frame, anywhere in the video, to leave feedback in a time-coded note.

You can also treat notes as “to-dos” to remind yourself to come back to them later, and check them off when they’re resolved.

Instant communication

We can directly reply to your notes and we automatically get notified once you make a comment.

Works on mobile

Best thing; it works on your mobile too! We’d love to hear what your thoughts are on your new video.

Video examples for Juliana

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TEDx promo around Rebels And Revolutionaries

We’ve been partners for TEDx Melbourne for a few years and loved capturing the ideas and stories behind the talks.

F- Bomb

The F Bomb is a show about female entrepreneurship: showing role models and having the real conversations around women in business.

Women in Non For Profits

Leadership can be lonely: having peer support can make a big difference.

EmpowerGirl – Cynthia talks about confidence

This is a ‘work in progress’ video we’re creating at the moment. We interviewed Cynthia last week and are creating short segments that can be used on social media and in learning platforms.

Video examples for Steffan

· Client Videos

Southern Cross University

We worked with the Hotel School and Southern Cross University in Sydney and Melbourne on an extensive Facebook campaign to drive sign ups.

Their leads increased by a whopping 57% over 1 year.

Part of the project was to create videos for multiple regions. This is much more cost effective and it was a great way to involve international students in the process.

Stile Education

Stile Education is about making STEM fun for kids year 4-6.

Humanising Lawyers

Lawyers need to work hard to build the trust because of the negative impressions the general public has, mainly due to people not understanding how law works.

The aim of this video is to show the humanity behind the lawyers.

We Are Them. They Are Us.

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This is a project about connection.