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Tracerco presentation at AOG vo2

Here’s the second version of the keynote. We have a few questions regarding the previous feedback: We created a shortlist of three pieces of music for the intro, could you pick one please? Feel free to have a browse on if you’d like this to take a different direction. Here are some other queries: – What would they like to do with the top left logo? – Intro – Have changed the spacing around the Tracerco logo, is that enough space? – Slides – Cannot make the slides go flush to the edge of the screen, due to the slides being 4:3 and not HD size like the video. We can stretch them but that will make the look pixellated. An alternative would be to resize the slide deck so Power Point fills out with white to the edges and edit those in where applicable. – Have made changes regarding slides, except the change at 11:22 (showing access under the pipe) we don’t have the slide/animation to use there. Could you share a high resolution version of that please? – Have highlighted the slides at 13:00 & 13:39 using circles. – Can we use the Shell logo in the edit? Just checking if there’s permission. It would be interesting to have a look at how we can segment the content so you can use outtakes on the Tracerco website.

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