Shooting With Pixels: So what’s in the box

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Shooting With Pixels is a course developed to help SMEs create quality video and social content. This means:  

  1. You can engage regularly in social media platforms

  2. You lower cost.

  3. Your business gets meaningful engagement from staff and clients because they’re part of building your brand.



So how SWP different?

Most trainers sell you a process; you do a training, you get a certificate. If you’re lucky there’s a refresher course. Shooting With Pixels is about thinking and doing. We develop a strategy with you, we help you create the video and we put a system in place to keep the momentum going. Because ultimately we don’t create video for the sake of it; we want to engage and entice.  

It’s all about you

Our personalised approach extends to our training too: you get a business outcome and transferrable skills. Shooting With Pixels sets you up with the hardware, skills and support to make sure that:


An example of a clip created in the course

This clip was created by the clever people at Vetmed Randwick after only one module!

So what’s in the box?

Fundamentally, Shooting With Pixels has four modules:

Here’s a visual overview


It’s about getting you results, not a certificate

Our training is entirely based on what your specific business needs, your staff’s skills set and the allocated resources for social media and video: no cookie cutter approach here.  

How much?

If you’re looking for a $ 195 bootcamp, this isn’t one of those. It’s a tailored solution that will change the way your business communicates internally and externally.  


About $ 800 per module, which is almost entirely offset against the savings you do by going DIY. But let’s talk so we can give you a specific figure and set of outcomes!


A bit more info in a video:        

Aim For The Nose; the power of simple communication.

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  We loved Rocky’s talk on the power of simple communication, he really nailed the subject in Ignite Sydney’s 5 minute format.


So what can we learn from this?

Here’s how this can be applied to corporate video. 1. Keep it simple. Jargon doesn’t make you sound smart. It just confuses your audience, so they switch off. 2. Test on a ‘non expert’ audience. Find someone who doesn’t understand what you do to test your content. If they don’t get it: back to the drawing board.  We loved Rocky’s quote of Einstein; ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.’ 3. Apply the Rule of three. Any effective video has to be about one message and a maximum of three ‘take aways’. Why? Because our brain simply isn’t designed to retain more, so by the time you’re at the end of your video, half of your six bullet points are gone. Remember, It’s not about being heard, but about being understood.