Introducing the Mojo Session with Gary Bertwistle

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We are really honoured to have set up the shoot for the first Mojo Sessions, the new project of Gary Bertwistle, a leader in innovation and creativity whose passion is making people think differently. With these series of short interviews, Gary aims at showing us the human, innovative and creative part of some of today’s Australian Business Leaders. The shoot took place at a very intimate spot: the Chapel at St Andrew’s College in front of a live audience of students from the Sydney University. During the shoot, we didn’t only had the pleasure to chat with Gary about his idea of having a one on one conversation in a special spot but we also had the chance to chat with his top level interviewees about leadership, entrepreneurship, their different motivations and inspirations that drove them along their paths. This was just the very first chapter of a series of short interviews where the audience will get a human perspective of some of Australia’s top business leaders. Stay tuned to get inspired and moved by Tim Power, managing director of 3PLearning; Professor Michelle Haber, head of the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia; and Bruno Maurel, Chairman of Creative Activation. And last but not least, we would like thanks our crew for making it happen: Tomas Ybarra, Dimitri Zaunders, Stephen Rangott, Alex Bradshaw, Spencer, Virginie Laverdure, Cristina Alonso and Robert Moorman.