Social Media Video Profile Course at Slow School

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Social Profile Video masterclass in Melbourne

At Hunting With Pixels we’re very excited to run our first Social Media Profile Video course on the 18th of June. The reason we’re passionate about using profile videos is that they really encompass everything we’re about at Hunting With Pixels; creating meaningful connection.

How we make decisions on who to do business with

Connection is everything. We are all hard wired to make decisions about who we trust and do business with by mixing ‘digital’ and ‘analog’ information. Digital is the data: product features, price, ROI. All the stuff that marketers tend to bang on about. Analog is how we feel about someone: tone of voice, personality, posture: all the non verbal communication. Research shows that we remember how people made us feel, much more than what they said, so how we say something matters.

Trust And Connection

ERP-trust   Typically, we base our decisions on who we work with or hire on whether we feel trust and connection to someone. When it comes that aspect of business, authentic and well structured video can really make a difference to how your audience perceives you, provided it’s authentic.

People don’t buy what you sell. They ‘buy’ you as the person to help them

If we want to find our tribe, we need to have the courage to be vulnerable and talk about what really drives us. Here are a few examples of social video profiles we created for the lovely people at Atkinson Vinden in Sydney:

So, What’s your essence?

In our course we’ll work with you on creating a 30-60 second profile that summarises who you are and what you’re about in a way that’s authentic, confident, and relaxed. The end result is a a beautifully shot, high quality video that helps you connect to your tribe.

What’s in the box

1. A content session around building the story around why you do what you do. Let’s explore what your purpose is and how we can write a short script around it. This will be done a small groups at the Hoffice on the 18th of June. 2. Coaching and filming. A one on one session with you where we coach to be the best you can be in front of the camera and capture some of your magic. 3. A fully finished, ready-to-go social media profile video on any social media platform you want.

 What you get out of this

The outcome of your course is a short video that you can use on your website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page or wherever your audience want to connect with you.

 Bit of an introvert?

This course is definitely for you. Introverts can be amazing presenters if they just get to tell their story instead of being pushed to do the ‘presenting’ thing. Here’s an article we wrote about ‘not being good on camera‘. There’s no such thing as not being good on camera, there’s just being authentic or not being authentic.

Where/how much?

$ 895 during the pilot phase, which is a steal considering you’d pay more for the video alone! We’re planning courses in Sydney and Melbourne in August and September. Drop us a line if you’re interested. Here’s a video on why authenticity matters:          

The psychology of connection – how we make decisions about who we trust

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Trust is about what the notes we don’t play

Miles Davis once said that jazz is about the notes you don’t play. Communication around building trust is not about more information: that will just overwhelm our audience.

How we decide who to trust

The people we want to connect with make decisions about who they trust based on what seems to be very little information: a short story, a few non verbal and visual cues. How does that work?

Thin Slicing

Thin slicing is the ability  to find patterns in events based only on “thin slices,” or narrow windows, of experience. Studies have shown that brief observations can be used to assess outcomes, at levels higher than expected by chance. thin slicing

How this applies to video

An interesting aspect of visual content is that we are surprisingly good at assessing someone’s skill level and intelligence. The research is mind boggling; humans can fairly accurately assess someone’s intelligence and personality just by looking at someone’s photo. We’re not describing prejudice here; this is measurable and the experiments have been repeated with similar results.

People behind the brand

We can use thin slicing and our ability to assess personality by communicating around the people behind brands. Staff profile videos are a great application of this; a 20-30 second video will give our viewers enough information to assess whether they’re a good fit with your culture and values.

Authenticity – you can’t control the outcome

To stick with the jazz analogy; if you write out the whole composition, it stops being jazz. Staff profiles can backfire if they’re overly scripted and contrived. If you do profile videos, you have to allow for variation and deviation. As long as you everyone on board  on values and your brand essence, diversity of delivery and opinion will only further strengthen your brand and the communication of purpose.

LinkedIn profile videos

Once you have the staff profile videos in place, you can greatly improve the impact you have by adding them to everyone’s LinkedIn profile. Here’s a tutorial on how to add a video to your LinkedIn profile.