Aim For The Nose; the power of simple communication.

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  We loved Rocky’s talk on the power of simple communication, he really nailed the subject in Ignite Sydney’s 5 minute format.


So what can we learn from this?

Here’s how this can be applied to corporate video. 1. Keep it simple. Jargon doesn’t make you sound smart. It just confuses your audience, so they switch off. 2. Test on a ‘non expert’ audience. Find someone who doesn’t understand what you do to test your content. If they don’t get it: back to the drawing board.  We loved Rocky’s quote of Einstein; ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.’ 3. Apply the Rule of three. Any effective video has to be about one message and a maximum of three ‘take aways’. Why? Because our brain simply isn’t designed to retain more, so by the time you’re at the end of your video, half of your six bullet points are gone. Remember, It’s not about being heard, but about being understood.