When video production value doesn’t matter that much

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How many megapixels is that camera?

In terms of ‘production value’, this is the lowest quality video we’ve made in years. The cameras are shaky, the angles weird, the colours don’t match the audio is all over the place.

But who cares?

But we love it!

Real people, authentic stories

This clip works because it’s about people who genuinely love Wordcamp. Why make a slick commercial when you have this going on for your brand?

Video production value – does it matter?

People in our industry can get a bit carried away with focussing on making really slick looking video, but does that mean the content is effective? Video production value is important in many contexts, but there’s no substitute for showing a community of people who love your brand. That’s when you really start cooking with gas.

Shooting With Pixels @ Vetmed Sydney

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Helping Vetmed tell their story in video: that’s what Social Video is about

2014 started well for Hunting With Pixels running our Shooting With Pixels workshop at Vetmed in Randwick. We ran the introduction module in December and as part of the course the Vetmed team interview each other about their favourite Vetmed moment of 2013:  

People behind the brand

What we love about the video is that it really gives you an idea of the people behind Vetmed; passionate, caring and professional vets who love what they do.  

And some client feedback that made our day!

Here’s what Annabelle, Randwick’s general manager had do say: “Thank you for the fantastic job you have done with the Vetmed 2013 memories video for Vetmed TV. It is absolutely brilliant!!!!! I love the way you have captured the warmth and passion of all the staff, and the sense of fun, in the edit. You have really captured what Vetmed is all about. Love, care, professionalism, hard-work and passion. We all look forward to working more with Hunting with Pixels and the staff are very exciting to be learning with you.”