We make events social


Making events social

We love covering events. It combines the social aspect with education, entertainment with learning.
Events bring together people who are experts, who are passionate and who want to connect with the people and the content. At the same time, most events aren’t using these assets very well.
We’d love to help you create much more impact and connection using what you already have.

Start with a Belief Statement

An audience connects to an idea they believe in.
Most content explains what’s happening at an event: that’s not an effective way to use the medium of video.
Video content creates an emotional connection to the ideas and the people. Written content can then provide the data and information needed to make a decision.

Social media campaigns

The second step is introducing your speakers one by one in a social media campaign: video for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Social media video feed

Instead of relying on the Twitter feed to bring the event to live on the day, why not use short form video grabs to keep the audience outside of the event updated?
This is especially useful for PR work; journalists love short form video content that they can add to an article with one click.

After the event - highlights

A good highlights reel summarises the ideas, shows us what the event is like and has a strong enough structure to stand alone as a piece of content so that it can be reused for future events.

Now build towards next year’s event

A common mistake that event organisers make is to drop off after the event, only the reemerge 10 months later when tickets need to be sold.
It’s more cost effective to keep the conversation going than to start a new one every year. Use your speaker content and the additional interviews to stay top of mind in the months after the event. That gives you the social clout and permission to promote next year’s event to a much more receptive audience.
We offer low cost subscriptions to help you make this happen.