Play. Connect. Impact

Creating content that drives change., home

Play is about creativity.

It’s about thinking beyond the literal and looking at the bigger picture of what you do.Looking at what you do from a different perspective is challenging. When it comes to telling our own story, we often find it’s hard to be objective: we’re just too close to the subject! Hunting With Pixels works with you to develop a clear, concise message that works in the medium of video.


We’re in the business of connection. Why? Because connection is the prerequisite of any impact; whether it’s conversion, learning outcomes or social change.

Every change starts with a conversation

We don’t create video because we happen to be film makers.We create video because in the digital domain it’s the closest thing we have to having a conversation.

Impact. Content for leaders

Truly successful content is about the values and purpose of your organisation. It’s about telling the story beyond the features and benefits.That has to be done from a place of truth and courage – whether you’re the CEO of a multinational or a one man band, this is the domain of true leaders. Hunting With Pixels works with leaders who value innovation, courage and authenticity.