How we work

home, We create the environment that supports you to be your best.

Creating the campfire

A while back I was having a cuppa with on of our clients, Beth Jennings. She told me that working with us is like sitting around a campfire. You sit down, you slow down and open up to connect and stare ideas. It’s wonderful how someone can bring a new perspective to what we do because that story summarises what we do so well! As video producers, creating the campfire that is the most important part of the work.

Supporting courage

There’s no connection without vulnerability. We need to be real. At Hunting With Pixels, we understand that being real takes courage. We have to navigate our own biases, we worry about how we’ll be perceived or we worry about making the smart choices. Courage is built with support. This is why we created an environment that supports you in being your best; Clear and concise in your message, conversational in your delivery, creative in your content.

Creative Mastery

When we think about video, we tend to think about a camera operator, an editor, maybe a director. To us, that just describes the technical side of things. Success in content is really the results of creative mastery; the ability to extract the essence of a story and create something extraordinary.
Creative Mastery is a bit like chemistry. We take the raw material of your stories and ideas and turn it into content that is beautiful and effective in equal measure. That takes strategic insight, creativity, and the sound judgement that comes from experience.


But in the end the most important aspect of great content is empathy. It’s manifested in how we listen, how we create and how we interact with people.