DIY Video training for organisations

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DIY video training for organisations

Social media has made us all broadcasters. Our DIY video training turns your organisation into connectors.

DIY or Professional content?

Many of us believe there are two types of content; the ‘DIY’ or ‘home made’ variety and the ‘professional’ variety and that you need to choose between the two.
We don’t believe in that delineation. Why not use both?
We believe it can be very effective to harness the stories and insights of your community, whether it’s your team, your customers or your students. On the other hand, getting a professional camera team in isn’t always cost effective or practical.

Building your channel

Here’s what our training entails
– Train staff on basic shooting using their own smart phones.
– Develop a content strategy so the user generated content connects to the key messages.
– Put the systems and procedures in place where video that has been shot can be edited quickly
– Systems and procedures to publish content regularly online, automation. project management.
Here’s an example of a video we created based on a half day course where students learned to shoot video on smartphones.

Keeping it going

Key to success in DIY content is to make it easy to keep the momentum.
This generally means that we design workflows that are easy to fit in the current roles of the team member and that we match personalities to tasks.


We offer our training as a one off or as a low cost subscription for setting up and maintaining your channel.
Get in touch so we can design a program specific to your needs.