Communicating with impact

a supportive environment and creative mastery., what.

Creating impact: our process

Creating content that makes a difference is like chemistry. We create impact by creating clarity on the ideas, then creating a supportive environment to share them. Once we captured the essence, it’s the creative mastery of our team that brings the ideas to life by turning them into engaging, short form video content.

Clarity on the vision

The biggest predictor of success in a content project is the clarity of message, but getting to simplicity is no small task. Simple doesn’t equate easy
Einstein once said; if you can’t explain is simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Asking the right questions

Asking questions is the essence of great content; this is why 70% of our work happens before we run the camera. We explore questions around the clarity of the idea. Have we put enough time into clarity of the idea? Is there a clear definition of the audience? Do we have the metrics that support making smart decisions about content and platforms? The most important part of that part of our work is listening.

Creating a supportive environment

The environment in which the video shoot is conducted has a big impact on how we communicate.Hunting With Pixels has a human centric approach to video shoots because every person is different. This is why make very deliberate choices about locations, the choice of crew, the kind of questions we ask.
85% of what we communicate is non verbal: how we say things matters.

Applying creative mastery

Mastery is the art and science of creating content that suits the medium. Creative, concise, engaging and placed in the right context. Creative mastery is the ability to create something extraordinary out of raw material; seeing the sculpture in the boulder. That takes a combination of a deep understanding of the tools and technologies, empathy and lateral thought. This is why we build our teams around values and character, not just tech skills.