Look at the state of the world.

How is it possible that the smartest people with the best ideas are not being heard right now?

Leaders and experts understand that there are considered and fact based conversations we need to have, but they are drowned out by people who are just good at looking like they have the answers.

This is a huge problem for all of us.

I’ve interviewed over 2000 leaders and here’s what I learned. To be effective as leaders and human beings, we all need to balance credibility and

emotional connection, but there’s often a huge discrepancy between where we like to be, and where our audience needs us to be.

The messages aren’t landing. We’re not meeting people where they’re at.

If you become the leader that people want to listen to, where could it take you?

Credibility and emotional connection can be measured and acted upon. It’s not guesswork.

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When leaders and experts connect meaningfully, it changes their world. And ours.