Managing your mindset when doing public speaking or video shoots

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Last week I did a talk at Ignite Sydney. it was a wonderful experience speaking in front of 600 of the nicest people you could ever meet. The other speakers blew me away! Here’s video about the experience: https://vimeo.com/127574623

It’s not easy.

As an introvert I’m not naturally drawn to public speaking or video blogging, but in the past years I’ve come to realise it’s important to not give in to that tendency – public speaking is a very a skill that will help you grow your business beyond your network.

Self talk

We are our own worst ememies when it comes to public speaking: the stories we tell ourselves about who we are can be very self limiting: https://vimeo.com/127574624

How to do it anyway

Write the presentation 4-5 weeks beforehand: you’ll need the time to develop the idea.

Find brutally honest partners

I reached out to a small group of people who I can trust will give me honest feedback: I just filmed myself and shared with a small group. My wife Beth, John, Sandi, Steve, Carolyn Tate, John Yeo and John Downes: you’ve been a huge support. Thanks for your time and wisdom!

Talks On Purpose

A major step in the journey for me was taking part in Slow School Talks On Purpose program. It really helped me get over the hurdle and start anyway. Here are a few thoughts on starting the journey that may be helpful for fellow introverts:

You don’t have to believe in your self.

Generally, people tell you that you need to confidence and then the speaking gets better. My experience is that it’s the other way around. I started with a belief I can’t do it, but by simply going ahead I gained the confidence.

Don’t set the bar too high

I realised I don’t need to be amazing. Just good enough to get the idea across.

Be angry.

Anger is not always a destructive force: it can really drive you to go outside of your comfort zone. Anger can be the impetus to change things. It can drive you to do things you never imagined doing. The best presentations are done by speakers who channel their passion about something that frustrates them. Here’s an great example: https://vimeo.com/121752757

It’s bigger than you

Karen isn’t talking about herself; her purpose and idea is much, much bigger than that. Introverts will feel more comfortable with this principle. The audience is interesting in learning about the idea, not the person.

Your audience wants you to succeed.

They’re not there to see how you stack up; only you think that. They’re invested in hearing a good story or an interesting idea.

Introverts, unite!

You’re not doing yourself justice if you don’t give it a go. I’m no rockstar presenter by any standards, but I’m so grateful I’ve pushed myself! To be continued; I hope I see you on the journey too!

Tracerco Keynote

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Tracerco presentation at AOG vo2

Here’s the second version of the keynote. https://vimeo.com/89896933 We have a few questions regarding the previous feedback: We created a shortlist of three pieces of music for the intro, could you pick one please? Feel free to have a browse on Neosounds.com if you’d like this to take a different direction. https://www.neosounds.com/playlists/8998 Here are some other queries: – What would they like to do with the top left logo? – Intro – Have changed the spacing around the Tracerco logo, is that enough space? – Slides – Cannot make the slides go flush to the edge of the screen, due to the slides being 4:3 and not HD size like the video. We can stretch them but that will make the look pixellated. An alternative would be to resize the slide deck so Power Point fills out with white to the edges and edit those in where applicable. – Have made changes regarding slides, except the change at 11:22 (showing access under the pipe) we don’t have the slide/animation to use there. Could you share a high resolution version of that please? – Have highlighted the slides at 13:00 & 13:39 using circles. – Can we use the Shell logo in the edit? Just checking if there’s permission. It would be interesting to have a look at how we can segment the content so you can use outtakes on the Tracerco website. https://vimeo.com/89896933

Tim Grogan of Linked In Speaks At Coraggio

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Tim Grogan @ Coraggio

We loved Tim’s presentation at Coraggio last week. Tim explored various enterprise options that Linked In has to offer and also shared insights on how to get the best out of Linked In as a company:

What is Social Video anyway?

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So What is this thing called Social Video?

Social video is the kind of video that you’d forward to a colleague or friend. Typically our audience forwards videos because they’re: – Hilarious – Useful

Let’s be useful

Unless you’re Dame Edna, you’re probably not hilarious. But what you can offer something that people can do something with. What’s not social Your promo video. No matter how amazing it looks, it’s still a business pitch. Not bad on your home page. Not any good anywhere else, especially on social media. Don’t bore people with self promotion; give them something they can use, establish yourself as an expert. Be generous. http://vimeo.com/59710960