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LG hub video test

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LG Hub video with chapters


GE Power – telling the story

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Cisco – Connected Farms

NBN broadband – Connecting Purpose with Technology

We believe the process of creating engaging video content must start with a focus on people. Technology is just the tool to make the content look great.

Our work is based on the premise that we use content to create an emotional connection with the viewer first, then provide evidence of what the product delivers.

For this project, we would recommend combining our approach of supporting storytelling with the visuals created by a high-end Director of Photography.

We would also recommend a shorter video format of around two minutes where the story introduction is about 30 seconds, similar to the example you sent us.

Video examples for Juliana

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TEDx promo around Rebels And Revolutionaries

We’ve been partners for TEDx Melbourne for a few years and loved capturing the ideas and stories behind the talks.

F- Bomb

The F Bomb is a show about female entrepreneurship: showing role models and having the real conversations around women in business.

Women in Non For Profits

Leadership can be lonely: having peer support can make a big difference.

EmpowerGirl – Cynthia talks about confidence

This is a ‘work in progress’ video we’re creating at the moment. We interviewed Cynthia last week and are creating short segments that can be used on social media and in learning platforms.

Video examples for Steffan

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Southern Cross University

We worked with the Hotel School and Southern Cross University in Sydney and Melbourne on an extensive Facebook campaign to drive sign ups.

Their leads increased by a whopping 57% over 1 year.

Part of the project was to create videos for multiple regions. This is much more cost effective and it was a great way to involve international students in the process.

Stile Education

Stile Education is about making STEM fun for kids year 4-6.

Humanising Lawyers

Lawyers need to work hard to build the trust because of the negative impressions the general public has, mainly due to people not understanding how law works.

The aim of this video is to show the humanity behind the lawyers.

Video examples for Work Club

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Hey Jason!

As mentioned in our meeting, these are some examples of work that could fit the format for club members and team interviews.

We are interested in understanding what your marketing team’s plans are and how we can support you in these initiatives.

Member Profile Example – Penny Locaso

Penny is a member of WC Melbourne, here’s a LinkedIn video we did for her a while back.

I like the storytelling angle: instead of talking about what we do, Penny talks about why.

Example of a video for a small event

This could be a potential format for Florence Guild follow ups, creating a shap shot of the event and adding interviews.

We’d put more emphasis on the space for Work Club in your case, so we highlight the experience of the audience more.

TEDx – social media campaign videos

We filmed the TEDx videos at Work Club last year.

These would be a great way to make Instagram videos for WC; sharing member insights in short and sharp videos that both highlight the member’s insights but also show the WC space.

Jedox URL test

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Protected: Jedox – future content ideas

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Examples of speaker showreels for Katrina

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TEDx – story based content

Example of social content

This is an example of ‘follow up’ content that positions you as an expert

Telling a story around purpose

Talking about the ‘why’ is a great way to connect

Speaker showreel around a subject

Positioning the speaker as a subject matter expert

Speaker showreel as a demonstration of capability

Putting more emphasis on the quality of delivery and IP.


Protected: Instructional video examples

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Examples for CustomerGauge

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Yow! Conference

US based with conference in AU, so similar opportunities and challenges to CustomerGauge.


A short, sharp promo that encapsulates the essence of TEDx.