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How do you build the courage to tell your story from the heart?

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Trust and connection are the basis on which we run our businesses.

This is why it’s crucial that your content supports the building of trust and connection. Your video content needs to feel like a conversation, where you look happy, confident and in control.

How ‘videographers’ work

We don’t like being called a ‘videographers’ because videography is a technical process. We believe content creation is a people process.

Videographers typically put people in a small room, flick on a bunch of very bright lights and run the interviewee through a question list.

This approach is based on a learned default based on what we know from producing TV or news items. It’s fast and cost effective and leads to results like this: a perfectly adequate corporate video.

Interviewing vs having a conversation

Telling your story from the heart is a very different process. We focus on creating an environment where the people we talk to feel happy and confident.

It’s a process where we create conversations around meaningful connection. This is part of the coaching and facilitation process that is central to our brand: Confidence, Courage, Connection.

Here’s the same client, but now we’re having a conversation:

The 3 key differences

  1. What vs Why. When you have a conversation you get past the ‘what’ (features and benefits) to the ‘why’: talking about the experience of being part of the law clinic.

2. Ownership. Our process creates a sense of ownership for everyone involved. Instead of being told what to say, your team sees their own stories and experiences in your brand.

3. Connection. The viewer feels that they’re being talked to instead of ‘presented’ to. Instead of ‘presenting’ we’re being present with our viewers.

Being present, confident and courageous is how meaningful connection is created. From there, you can build trust with your audience.

That’s where you really start Hunting With Pixels!

Authenticity. Hard work, but worth it.

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  Recently we did a project with the wonderful people of Atkinson Vinden Lawyers in Sydney. We love working with Atkinson VInden because they trusted us in executing a bold idea. Instead of making a ‘promo’ video, we worked with Atkinson Vinden to create content that’s about meaningful connection and useful information. We are very excited about this approach, because it create an authentic story around the business: Content that’s created to connect on a deeper level than making a sale.

It’s about engaging the audience

Connecting in a meaningful way to your audience is worth while, but like anything worth while it’s not necessarily easy. A lot a agencies may tell you there’s a shortcut. You could write a script, stick it on an auto cue reader and get a great looking actor to read it out in front of the camera, pretending to be part of your business. This approach gets you very nice looking, polished and well presented video. The problem with videos like these is the level of audience engagement: meh  

Watch us not care

The relentless media and advertising efforts of the past have created a major credibility gap between businesses and their audiences. Agencies have persuaded us that it’s basically o.k. to mislead our audiences by using pretend clients and pretend business owners. That approach is very effective in terms of fast turn around and low cost for the agency, but did all of that advertising really help us as business owners?

Are we making an impact?

The average Australian encounters branding 3000-4000 times a day. By the time you read this post today, you’ve probably seen at least a few hundred. Can you recall five? I know I can’t. The ROI on TV commercials, banner ads and corporate video is dropping at a steady rate, despite the lower cost. Clearly, we’re not cutting through, and creating even more content isn’t the answer. Our audience just gets better at ignoring us.

We need to earn the trust

Our audience’s attention is a privilege that’s based on trusting that we offer something relevant. It’s time for a different approach. At Hunting With Pixels we base our content on authenticity. We only work with real people talking about real experiences.

It works..

Great brands are about creating a real connection with a long term view, because we can see that in a media saturated world, it’s the only thing that works.

There’s no quick win

We may need to recalibrate how we look at what marketing is. The first step is to accept that trust is something that takes time to build. The idea that we can outsource connection and get a big return for a low investment in time and effort is outdated and short sighted. You need to have the clout and endurance to think long term and invest into the relationship you have with your audience.

.. and there’s some uncertainty

Building an authentic brand can be challenging. The first hurdle you’d likely to encounter is that there is less control over the details of the outcome. All the information should be correct and well presented, but interviewees will bring their own personality into this. This is a generally a positive aspect of authenticity, but it does required a flexible mindset around what your brand really is. The reality is that the is no way to have full control, because your brand is what other people (including your staff) say about you.

It’s the big picture

Authenticity will give you the best shot at getting great results every time provided it’s well considered and is based on a long term strategy for your brand. This takes careful planning and some resilience, but it will yield real and sustainable results for your business.

It is shareable?

The fundamental question for you is this: Would you share the video you created for your company with your friends. And more importantly, would they? share    

Not sure about social media? Get a free strategic consultation

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How do you cut through the social media noise?

Isn’t it tricky to get your message across these days? There are so many choices to make, and they all have so many ramifications for your business. Should you spend more time on Twitter? Do you need a Facebook page? Is video the answer? How do you expand your network of clients in a way that is efficient so you don’t burn through your marketing budget with one ill advised Adwords campaign?   And how do you make sure you attract the right clients instead of an endless array of tyre kickers? At Hunting With Pixels, we can appreciate you don’t just want to dive into the deep end, especially when it comes to online video and social media, so why not get the right information so you can make an informed decision?   Here’s what the free consultations entails:

A free half hour content strategy consultation.

We look at how your brand is currently communicating to your target audience. Based on that research we make recommendations on how to get better results.

A free presenting to camera workshop

Have you been thinking about doing a video for your website, but not sure if you’ll be any good on camera? Try it out for free and get some great tips on how to present.

A free 360 degree view of your brand’s communication

We’ll look at everything. Your website, your written content, your newsletter, the way you speak and look; all these things combined build your brand communication.   So why not get started and book your free consultation today! We don’t bite. We do wear silly hats and phone shaped masks, but that wouldn’t put you off, would it? 1300 505 262 or hit us in cyperspace.