WOB Production ongoings

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Welcome to Hunting With Pixels

This page gives you an overview of ongoings. If you want to read more about how we work, follow this link: How We Work.

Production ongoings WOB

Here’s a calendar of all your ongoings: all your main milestones are in this calendar:

If you like we can automatically send you updates and alerts via email. For a smooth production and delivery it’s very important we all stick to the timeline we agreed on. To subscribe to this calendar, follow this link:

New videos

Here’s your newest video https://vimeo.com/91397544

Video feedback

Please add your feedback to this Google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ca0vy_yqm-9RkCfu65Yi1yevBVGZWgTmtvIvbSgwGkw/edit?usp=sharing

Getting your reviews right

It’s very important to not miss essential details when you review. Here’s a workflow that ensure costs and timelines don’t blow out due to insufficient reviewing: https://www.huntingwithpixels.com/how-we-work/video-reviewing-get-right/      

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