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Hi william, Here are the cuts of those videos from XML. Question 1 Could you tell us who your are and what you do? http://vimeo.com/26954313 Question 2 Given where we are at the moment with video communication, how do you see developments in the next 2-3 years? http://vimeo.com/26954654 Question 3 If you are a small to medium business at the moment how can you effectively connect with an audience? Compared to what corporate video used to be, how is the content different now and do we need to reframe our communication? http://vimeo.com/26955033 Question 4 How do you create a sense of authenticity in online communication? http://vimeo.com/26955272 Question 5 Given the current state of business video it’s broadcast nature (sometimes condescending, too salesy). How do see the change? What needs to change? What would you recommend for the future? http://vimeo.com/26955450 Question 6 Given the rise in the DIY mentality, how do production companies stay ahead? Or can they? http://vimeo.com/26955870 Question 7 How do you stand out? Is it curation, quality, usability? http://vimeo.com/26956174 Question 8 What are the challenges and obstacles with the spread of the video gospel? http://vimeo.com/26956474 Question 9 Where do you see the development or copyright in the next years, will it change? http://vimeo.com/26957118 Question 10 How problematic is the mindset which exists that everything on the web is free? http://vimeo.com/26957428 Question 11 It does seem frightening as content producers though that everything is free, we saw some genuine fear in the music industry or do you think could that just be a mindset? http://vimeo.com/26957645 Question 12 With video becoming so available and present, as a business its almost as if you have to have video as the people around you do, which does create an issue in terms of the skill set to communicate well. What are your views on that? http://vimeo.com/26958442 Question 13 What are some of these rules that are being broken in today’s video communication? http://vimeo.com/26958897

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