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Tony Robbins – Why We Do What We Do

I’m fascinated about exploring what drives us. Everything we do as content producers is ultimately an expression of that motivation. I’ve always felt a bit ambivalent about Tony Robbins, but here’s a TED talk of Tony Robbins that I found undeniably good.

We are driven by emotion

Emotion is the driving force in life – it shapes our decisions.

What drives you?

At Hunting With Pixels we ask every single person we interview (1200 and counting) this question. We’re yet to find someone who tells me it’s money or status, but most of them are driven by this question:

How can I contribute more?

People who do great things look at how they can contribute. Achievement (money/status) is the byproduct of that idea.

Decision is the ultimate power

decisions2 One interesting question in the TED talk is:  Why did you NOT achieve something? The defining factor isn’t lack of resources, but resourcefulness. It’s not about what we didn’t have, but what didn’t motivate us.

Questions we need to ask ourselves

So if decisions shape destiny, we need to ask

  1. What are you going to focus on?
  2. What does it mean to others?
  3. So what are you going to DO?


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