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So who are we?

A five piece band; three guitars, bass, drums. No synths whatsoever, what you’re hearing is all guitars. We want to collaborate with:

The idea is to create a band that combines live ‘electronic’ music with projection and a number of spoken word artists and vocalists. The idea is to create a true audio visual band; the projections, the spoken word pieces and the music is combined into one AV piece: a blend of live music, spoken word and film.

What we’re looking for

Spoken word artists and singers who can write to a subject and/or are interested in collaborating on an audio visual project. It’s early days but we hope you can see the potential here; we’re very open to different directions and ideas.

Look and feel

Kraftwerk with guitars. Retro futuristic. Stylised. Very refined live show/projections/lighting. Here’s a mood board:  

Tracks we’re working on

Why do these videos look so simple? Two reasons; we’re still looking for suitable VJs and these projections should look simple! These videos are the projections you’d see behind the band; most of those are black and white. The screens on the left and right of the stage will be colour. Currently we’re in the writing stage, so the visuals are still kinda crude because we first need to develop the songs and lyrics, then we refine the visuals based on where the lyrics take the song.

Silver Ninja

Here’s a track that is ready for some visuals; the video shows just the visuals we want to project behind the band. Basically a collage of ninja sillyness, open to any ideas in terms of vocals/spoken word. http://vimeo.com/34593971  

This Is The New World

Super intense guy talking about broadcasting your shit to the world. It would be great to develop lyrics about oversharing on Youtube or other social media. There’s a gap starting a 2.34 for a spoken word piece, but happy to move things around of course! http://www.vimeo.com/27936637/

The God Helmet

Here’s the current version of the God Helmet track, we’re still looking at adding a spoken word segment to the end part. The track is about the existence of God or the brains tendency to see gods; take it any where you like! We’d put a temporary sample in there starting at around 3.47. http://vimeo.com/34398350

I Want

Some self help guy talking about ‘how to win friends and influence people. Wanting stuff can be many things, open to ideas. Happy to add visuals to suit the spoken word/vocals. http://www.vimeo.com/27935243  


A track based on samples of Marlene Dietrich singing a anti war song, combined with a french song about lost love. http://www.vimeo.com/27934883 The other tracks on our Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/wearesilverninja

Crimson Electro

No video samples yet, so do whatever! crimsonelectro 02

It was a dream

A tune based just one sample of blues legend Big Bill Broonzy singing ‘It Was A Dream’. http://vimeo.com/40990187 it was a dream (no melody:samples) it was dream (no samples)

New ideas

Here are some ideas that came out of recent jams. With those we can start on the vocals and then add projections. spacy house guitar 02 CG_1 frisell chords_1 probeersel_1 radiohead rocker_1 pod wave keynius 02            

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