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Videos around consultancy and training

Brave Truth

Gamification in training


We shot this during a workshop with a backdrop. This would be a nice way to capture ideas on positive psychology and the impact it has on the organisation. Something similar we did at a school

 Let your clients tell your story

We also used the footage to get Slow School clients to introduce the business    

Talk On Purpose videos

In Melbourne we collaborate with TEDx Melbourne and the Slow School Of Business on a program called Talks On Purpose. It’s a three day course where participants are coached and trained to deliver a TED style 3 minute talk about their purpose. The course includes a public graduation night and a quality video of the talk. top

Why purpose matters

In a business context we see three types of participants who greatly benefit from the program: 1. Corporate escapees. People who get to a fork in the road and decide to reinvent themselves. 2. Emerging leaders within a team. If your personal purpose and value set aligns with the business, it’s well worth talking about! 3. Leadership. Communicating the purpose behind the business is very a powerful tool for leaders.

Examples of outcomes

Here’s a video of one of our corporate escapees, Penny Locaso. This is the outcome of a follow up course where participants create a short profile video for their LinkedIn profile.

Three applications of the talks

Emerging leaders – Trudi Saul.

Imagine if our team members are advocates for our businesses? It’s powerful to see what can be done if we empower and engage team members!

Leadership – Matt Perfect

Balance having and giving in business. Matt talks about how we can change the way we approach procurement so that everyone’s better off.

Reinvention – Penny Locaso

Do we need to redefine what success means? Ex Shell executive Penny Locaso has a strong worded answer to that question.      

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