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Talk On Purpose videos

In Melbourne we collaborate with TEDx Melbourne and the Slow School Of Business on a program called Talks On Purpose. It’s a three day course where participants are coached and trained to deliver a TED style 3 minute talk about their purpose. The course includes a public graduation night and a quality video of the talk. top

Why purpose matters

In a business context we see three types of participants who greatly benefit from the program: 1. Corporate escapees. People who get to a fork in the road and decide to reinvent themselves. 2. Emerging leaders within a team. If your personal purpose and value set aligns with the business, it’s well worth talking about! 3. Leadership. Communicating the purpose behind the business is very a powerful tool for leaders.

Examples of outcomes

Here’s a video of one of our corporate escapees, Penny Locaso. This is the outcome of a follow up course where participants create a short profile video for their LinkedIn profile.

Three applications of the talks

Emerging leaders – Trudi Saul.

Imagine if our team members are advocates for our businesses? It’s powerful to see what can be done if we empower and engage team members!

Leadership – Matt Perfect

Balance having and giving in business. Matt talks about how we can change the way we approach procurement so that everyone’s better off.

Reinvention – Penny Locaso

Do we need to redefine what success means? Ex Shell executive Penny Locaso has a strong worded answer to that question.      

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