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Hi everyone, Here are the v02 versions of the Formfile videos. We implemented the changes discussed with Jane, currently we’re editing in a voice over for the box folding videos and we need your feedback on the direction of the music so we can create something similar for the ident.

Share: Why invest in Formfile’s quality file storage system?

Share: Maximise your file storage in the minimum floor space using Formfile’s compactus style mobile shelving

Create: How do I switch to a new filing system?

Protect: Save space by archiving with a secure, offsite facility

The Document Lifecycle

Create: The Challenges of vertical filing

Cost Efficiency of an Archive Solution

Ident/end board

Welcome to Formfile

Share: Invest in Formfile’s file storage cabinets and get our expertise for free

Document Management

Manage: Why automate Document Management?

Why Invest In A Good Archiving System/ ROI

Manage: What are the costs and challenges of inefficient Document Management?

Create: The Formfile Colour-Coded Filing System

How to fold boxes

How to fold plan boxes

The Document Lifecycle

Warehouse with Simon

Warehouse with Jane  

Main Promo 2

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