Video interview with Alchemy’s Kate Ingham: How do you build credibility around your business?

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Yesterday we had the pleasure of interviewing Kate Ingham, one of the partners of Alchemy Equities, a company that specialises in commercialising business. Kate is on of the speaker on our upcoming Short Takes event on the 10th of November, click here for more details.

How do you build credibility around your business?

At some point your business will need resources to reach a next level. Alchemy Equities is about helping businesses get access to funding and support to make that happen. A key element of getting access to resources is building credibility around your business.   Kate shared a number of strategies to build credibility in our interview:

So how do you create that kind of communication?

When you work on building credibility, look at how your collateral is communicated;

Over to Kate!

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