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How can Veldhoen can create a meaningful connection?

Veldhoen’s story can be told very effectively with social video by connecting and educating the audience on Veldhoen’s approach to activity based working.

Purpose; create a piece of content that links your brand to a big idea

Here’s a video we created for the TED X conference. It was shot in Australia, the US, UK and Sweden. We currently have just over 40.000 views with no marketing whatsoever. It’s ¬†thought piece around language. Could Veldhoen create a thought piece on asked the hard questions around how we work?

Blog – Tell your story through your people and your clients

For Slow School we created a simple, yet powerful story told by their clients and facilitators.

Atkinson Vinden – people behind the brand

Most business video is too much about ‘what’. This is a video about ‘how’ and ‘why’, because our audience doesn’t connect to a product. It connects to the people who deliver it. Do we like and trust them?

AMP – The Future Of Work

Unscripted interviews help our subjects to make the story feel conversational. password: ‘hwp’

Profile videos

For Atkinson Vinden we created 15 videos of various staff members to give our prospective clients an idea of what drives the team. These videos created a significant growth of inbound traffic and leads.

Your blog – 1 minute tips

At a conference we captured 20 short videos about sharing knowledge. A very powerful way to connect to our audience. Veldhoen could create a series of videos embedded in LinkedIn articles    

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