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 Student interviews

I’d recommend shorter interviews, but as a style guide this could work:

A short form profile

This would be an engaging way to introduce staff and lecturers. Key is to get a feel for personality and person purpose.

Reaction videos

This is a great format for Facebook and Instagram. Various people sharing opinions and stories. This is something we could do around a subject like ‘describe your first day at the Intercontinental’. We could capture a few quirky stories and mix it in with the key messages around getting great ‘hands on’ experience.

Event summary

This is a nice way to summarise events that the Hotel School runs; it’s a way to both promote future events and get student engaged in the longer form, more detailed content.

Sharing ideas in short form

This is a great format for social media; asking experts in the industry to sharing key insights. It’s about the stuff that is in the curriculum, but brought to life by sharing it from the perspective of real life experience. This is another one we did for TEDx. The series of videos got very good traction on social, especially on mobile.

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