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6 Word Story – short blog posts

This really worked for the Walkley’s Foundsation; short and sharp videos around stories that they wrote articles about.

Katrina Profile

Here’s a more filmic look that we could apply to profile of your team or main presenter. It offers viewers a context of someone’s personality, while also establishing expertise.

Infinity Pilates

Similar to Katrina’s video but with more emphasis on the relationship with the clients.

TEDx – video blog

Here’s an example of a more conversational blogging style. This got very good traction for TEDx this year.

Reliance Health – Combined script

Here’s an example of a script that’s presented by staff. It’s not quite as polished but has a nice authentic feel to it.

A video about compassion

This is a nice way to connect to your audience; we’re using this as an embedded video in a Christmas card.

Stile Education

An example of combining multiple team members into a story.

Casual blog post – Provincial

This is a hybrid approach between scripting and ‘talking around’ the script. This way you still get a conversational, authentic feel.

G3 video – collaboration with Matthew from Click Creative

We worked with Matthew from Click Creative on this; a scripted, more corporate approach.

Blog post example – cleaner studio look

This is a more clean look. The benefit of this is that it can be replicated in multiple locations.

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