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        Hi Shelley, Good to chat yesterday, sounds like an exciting and fun clip! Here are some examples of videos relevant to your project.

AMP – The Future Of Work

An example of the production value we can offer password: ‘hwp’

TED X: using content to link a big idea to your brand

Here’s a video we created for the TED X conference. You could take the angle of taking a big idea so people can connect to the idea and your brand.

General Showreel

People behind the brand: Sheena

An example of how we approach staff profiles.

Atkinson Vinden – Right People, Right Advice

Here’s an example of how you can share the fundamental principle of what your business brings to the table. In this case it’s lawyers talking about the value of advice. Right people, right advice What is good advice?

Social media video

Locl promo Dejan 30 sec You can say a lot in 30 seconds; it’s not just the information but also the non verbal that mattters.

Bendigo bank: people and values

Here’s a brand that does a great job connecting local community and purpose to a brand that lives their promise.

High resolves (original)

Sometimes simplicity is key in telling a story about a big idea.

Client testimonials

Here’s a way to approach your client testimonials    

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