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This is the business Matthew used to work with: Formfile. These are examples of simple, reusable graphics for animations that could be used as backgrounds of the Control Logic videos. Here’s another example from a different industry:

Filming presenters in a green screen studio

We filmed those presenters in a green screen studio to allow us to superimpose them over animation if needed. This would be a good way to create a look similar to the Transport For London video.

Transport for London

Here’s an example of clean design that uses ‘real life’ elements with motion graphics. The white background creates a very clean, uncluttered interface that facilitates overview of processes and retention of key messages.


Siemens – technology explained

We like the way the transparent view creates a snapshot of how the truck works. This, combined with the clean interface of the Transport For London video could we quite compelling. To ensure this is economical for Control Logic, we’d have to look at your product range in more detail to see if elements can be repurposed.


Stop motion animation

Stop motion animation can be a quite cost effective and compelling option too.


Hungry Beast – an example of clean design

Another example of using clean design with a minimum of design elements, while getting the message across with well structured scripting.

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