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Some ballparks for TED style shoots

Hi Rhian, Here are a few ballparks for cost with some visual examples. We base these ballparks on the following:

  1. Three cameras
  2. A half day rate for the camera operators.
  3. A full day rate for the production assistant and runner for set up
  4. Preproduction, postproduction and publishing
  5. Technical directions, liaising with the venue, managing crew and rental companies.

Our Live Switching option

This is great if you want to either webcast or deliver right after the event; we do a live switch between three cameras so your keynote video is instantly available. As you can see, that still looks like broadcast quality video, but you cut on postproduction costs. Ballpark $ 4000-5000

Multicamera live webcast, editing highlights

If you go for a multi cam option, it may be of interest to create short clips of the key take aways. We see those videos achieve great ¬†view counts and engagement and the cost difference is relatively small, so it’s best value. Ballpark: $ 5000-6000

Getting the best out of your budget

We can appreciate this is a bit of an investment, so here are some thoughts on getting the most ‘mileage’ out of your shoot. If we have cameras on site, why not interview some leaders in the industry around subjects that you care about or do some more in depth discussion with the speaker?

Not in the ballpark?

It’s possible to get reasonably good coverage with two or even one camera. The look won’t be TED like, but still quite good. A one camera shoot would require editing in slides, so would typically cost around $ 2500 including shoot. Add another camera an it’s more like $ 3200.          

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