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Hi Katie, Here are some relevant examples of our work and a bit of information on how we work.

What we do

Hunting With Pixels is a strategic social video company. Our aim is to produce video that’s gets views and engages the audience.

Your current Youtube channel

Looking at your current Youtube channel, we see some great looking content but we think there’s more opportunity within the social media space.  

How do we create engagement?

Beautifully shot videos and commercials are an expectation online. As a result they’ve become part of the wallpaper and get relatively little traction. If we look at video that gets business results within a social media context, we’re generally looking at content that’s perceived as useful and informative by the target audience.

How do we get results for you?

We combine keyword research and close collaboration with SEO companies to get a clear idea about what your audience is looking for. The content is about making sure your audience gets the information it’s looking for.

Strategy and production

A Youtube channel is not a spin off; it is a separate platform that requires a strategic, digital approach. We base our strategy on extensive research and continuous measurement.

What we propose

Be Useful. We recommend a campaign approach based on being useful. A monthly video is a great starting point, but we’d love to create short versions of the clips where we offer useful advice, positioning the Youtube channel as a source of information. Currently your channel is a mix of expert videos and sales oriented video; we’d recommend putting a lot of emphasis on expertise and education. Create a conversation. Build a library of videos that address questions current and potential clients have about the NRMA. Be current; if we’re flexible with our content, we can match it to what’s being discussed on social media. Here are some examples of low cost video that is cost effective and geared towards building a connection.

Authentic, interview based content

Simple, but well produced ‘blog’ videos

We found that simple, but useful content is a great way to get views. It’s not about production value, it’s about whether video is useful for the target audience.

Interview style expert video

Here are two examples of relatively low cost, but well shot interview style clips. These are videos portraits of people who do traineeships the tone and style would suit your ‘Expert Cam Series’.

Explainer video combining animation with a presenter

This video combines elements of all of the above; it does a great job explaining how the product works but doesn’t look too slick so it doesn’t come across as a commercial.
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