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General Showreel

Business promo example

For training company Talkforce we create a number of content marketing and ‘people behind the brand’ videos.

Department of education; apprentices campaign

Hunting With Pixels created 35 videos, two DVDS and two commercials to help engage more young people with the DET website. Rockpool Apprentice Video

Market research/ voxpops

Video is a powerful way to convey a message about what our audience really thinks. The power is in the non verbal.

 Client testimonials

Don’t take it from us, let’s hear it from the clients!


For Dejan we created about 30 videos as part of a content marketing strategy around positioning Dejan as the SEO practioner’s SEO company; the place where SEO professional go to learn more.


How do you get Irish people to engage with a food company that sells Irish products? Start a conversation about Irishness and connect food to the rituals and events that make up Irish culture.          

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