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A few examples of our work

Hi Martin, Here are some examples of videos relevant to SMA Projects.

Property Council of Australia video

Here’s a video we just created for Wood & Grieve Engineers for the PCA lunch this Friday:

Atkinson Vinden – Right People, Right Advice

Hunting With Pixels is about the people behind the brand. Here’s an example of how you can share the what your business brings to the table. For AV Lawyers we created a somewhat quirky video around advice; it’s lawyers talking about the value of advice they have received. This is part of a 6 month LinkedIn campaign to grow revenue through better conversion on their site and improved brand awareness. Right people, right advice

AMP – The Future Of Work

Insights into how AMP sees the future of work. password: ‘hwp’

Purpose; using content to link a big idea to your brand

Here’s a video we created for the TED X conference. TED X: Lost In Translation

Flexirent – how it works

We used actual staff member and unscripted interviews to create a more authentic feel around the brand.

Social media video

This promo was created as part of a social media campaign to launch the Locl app; an iphone app that allows users to swap and sell goods within their local community.

Our showreel

Client testimonials

Here’s a way to approach client testimonials    

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