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TED level quality

This is a talk we filmed a few weeks back; it’s to TED standards. A day of shoot like this would be in the $4000-5000 ballpark because you’d need 3-4 cameras plus operators. How many keynotes you film has no impact on the cost.

Medium quality – Ignite Sydney

Here’s an example of the videos we create for Ignite Sydney: short and sharp 5 minute talks. This requires only a 2 person crew so more like $1800-2300.

Cost of editing of the video

For 7 keynotes we recommend budgeting about $400-700 per talk depending on the level of detail in the edit.

Other options for education

Having so many thought leaders around sustainable procurement creates a unique opportunity to share knowledge. We’d love to help you capture it. We could set up a booth so you can do interviews that could be the basis of an educational roll out, similar to what we’ve done for the Australian Business Forum. We created those by getting keynote speakers to share 1 minute tips. Or so a more in depth conversation where we edit into shorter clips. The cost of shooting those would be practically zero as you’ve already have the camera team on site. Editing would be around $250-350 per clip if you do a series.

Total cost

For a high end roll out of the 7 keynote speeches we’d recommend a budget of around $8000-9000. For a medium level production $5500-6000. The cost of an educational rollout can be based on assessing the content after the conference, but could be mentioned as an option in your proposal to the members. Budget around $ 3000 for 12-15 videos. We’d be open to a conversation about party sponsoring this for you too as it’s an interesting field to explore.  

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