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    Here are some thoughts on styles and directions for the videos around Flexirent/Flexiway and Blink. We recommend creating high quality video with a conversational tone. It’s about creating connection and getting a feel for the people behind the brand and the kind of people who are your customers.

Authenticity is key

We recommend shooting ‘on the fly’ with a mix of high quality cutaway shots and more ‘handheld’ type footage. It’s a more relaxing environment for the interviewee, so we can capture a more genuine conversation.

Interview style clips with elements of the environment

Sally/Sydney Ferries


Getting clients involved

We recommend a simple setup and a directing style that allows your customers to tell their story in their own words.

Business Master Minds


Find a subject your clients care about and let them tell their story. In Flexi’s case the stories would be about what Flexi enables us to do; get access to cool technology. We could talk to them about what technology enables them to do. This is an example of people talking about their identity, linked to food. It got Taste Ireland a lot of traction in the Irish community in Australia.

Bendigo bank: people and values

Liveperson Voxpops

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ videos need to be short and uncluttered. They also need to be filmed in a way that can be easily replicated at low cost so you get a consistent look if you decide to make additional content in the future.

Edelman blog Or a more stylised approach:

Talkforce: people and values    

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