Video examples for Dipra of Mport

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Hi Dipra, Here are a few examples of our work.

BMW Promo

General Showreel

Business promo example

For training company Talkforce we create a number of content marketing and ‘people behind the brand’ videos.

Market research/ voxpops

Video is a powerful way to convey a message about what our audience really thinks. The power is in the non verbal. This could be an interesting angle for follow up content; we could talk about the pitfalls of online shopping (not tailored) vs the solution you provide.


For Dejan we created about 30 videos as part of a content marketing strategy around positioning Dejan as the SEO practioner’s SEO company; the place where SEO professional go to learn more.

Department of education; apprentices campaign

Hunting With Pixels created 35 videos, two DVDS and two commercials to help engage more young people with the DET website. This could we a visual template for describing the user experience of Mport. Rockpool Apprentice Video Sally/Sydney Ferries

Xbox Insider

A series of videos that Microsoft used in the Xbox, on Instagram and Youtube


For the event and the website we created interstitial videos:

Client testimonials

Don’t take it from us, let’s hear it from the clients!

Dejan SEO web promo


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