Video Examples for David Hoey

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Medium bandwidth – Hydraulink

This is in a 4k budget bandwidth; extensive support in content development and scripting, presenter, multiple shoots.

Medium bandwidth – Aligned For Life

This is part of a broader campaign, but by itself this would be in the $1800-2200 range.

High quality – Talkforce 6-8k

Typically videos like these are combined with a number of other videos around various products, staff profiles and ‘about us’ to spread the cost and maximise impact.

High quality – around 6-8k

Budget bandwidth $ 2-3k

Brave truth – medium bandwidth

A location shoot plus editing of a 2-3 minute video is around the $2500 mark.

LinkedIn profile $ 2-3k

Without overlay footage a video like this can be done around $1500, and extra half day shoot plus editing for overlay brings the video to a $2200 budget range.  

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