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Tell a story: Carers Uk

Beautiful storytelling, well filmed. A production like this would be in the $ 900/minute bracket; there’s a lot of preproduction and management in producing content like this.  

Ask a question

Get the general public involved in your question; what question could we ask that helps our audience think about caring? We could use this concept to look at what the general public knows about caring, or ask questions that make them think what it would mean to be cared for. Content like this is a very strong connector to the general public; it’s their voice.

Values and Purpose: get your audience actively involved

Here’s an interesting way to connect to your audience; let them tell the stories about their personal values and purpose. How can we involve your audience in the story of Carers Victoria? A campaign like this is very suitable for a retainer option because you continuously build on the idea and expand where it’s effective.

Talk about a big idea

If we want to tackle the bigger ideas, we need to embed it into a story. Videos with stories get shared. We could tell a similar type of story around the need to care; create a narrative around the challenges and rewards of caring.

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