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LinkedIn profile videos

A great way to personalise your profile is to add a profile video; tell a story about who you are and why you do what you do. Short and sharp.



LinkedIn blogs

Two examples of low cost, frequent LinkedIn video blogs. LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to engage with video content. Right now video is underutilised in the B2B/LinkedIn space, so we’d have a great opportunity to stand out and create your niche.

Blog – why truth matters

Blog – Your Canvas

Speaker Showreel

Jennifer Elliot

Carolyn Tate

Gerry McCusker

Viral videos – TEDx Sydney

We made this for TEDx; 25.000 views. The key is to create a conversation about a bigger idea; in this case valuing diversity.

Property Council Of Australia – How We Imagine The Future

A powerful way to engage with your audience is to tackle a big question. What question could we ask about Hard To Heart selling?

Stories around a business

A good way to approach client testimonials; share the experience. This is currently not part of the proposal but we can adjust if you’d like to add this.

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