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Example of street interviews

Team profiles – the people behind the brand

Trust is essential for connection. Getting to know the people behind the brand is a great first step to establishing a relationship. Considering how passionate your team is, videos like those would get great results at relatively low cost.

Atkinson Vinden – Right People, Right Advice

Here’s an example of how you can share the fundamental principle of what your business brings to the table without going into ‘sales mode’. Content like this is much more likely to be shared on social media. For Aligned For Life we could look at the bigger ideas behind Pilates: an injury/pain/medication free life. Body awareness.

ELS – student testimonials

An example of testimonials from students.

 Client testimonials

A few testimonials would really bring your brand to life because it shows your prospects how people experience it.


For Gary we’re developing a comms plan and strategy around sharing tools and ideas around leadership. It’s simple, but effective content. This is what your news/blog could look like.

Blog with multiple speakers

Here’s a way in which PRIA successfully got stake holders involved in their rebrand; ask the members about what they care about. Aligned For Life could apply this to blogs/updates where you mix facilitators and students. This way your content could create a sense of inclusion both for the people involved and prospective students.  

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