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Example of an emotive, big picture introduction video. What’s the big theme that we could connect to 3PF? A story about breaktrough in growth? The value of partners in a journey?

ING – honest client testimonials

We filmed clients of ING and showed them their new platform to create a reaction video. It has a nice authentic feel.


Promo for a training company highlighting their location.

AMP – the future of work

password; ‘Future’

TEDx – Jade Hameister

A short and sharp conversational piece would be great for client testimonials. Instead of doing a literal ‘the guys are 3PF are great’ sort of thing. They could tell stories about partnership, the growth mindset and the value of getting people in who roll up their sleeves. You could also use this format to create three short and sharp profiles of the partners: stick it on your website and embed it in your LinkedIn profile.

Profile – Atkinson Vinden Lawyers

More formal, but still conversational.

THS Alumni – combining your team with clients

An interesting approach is combining your team with your clients.

Unispace – pitch video

An example of a conversational piece; this tone could work well for 3PF: it balances professionalism with an authentic feel.

Koshi Sushi – client testimonial

This is a good way to do a client testimonial; it works as a promo for the business and as a testimonial. The nice thing about this approach is that you can then gift a video to the clients that did the testimonial at very low cost ($300). How’s that for building relationships?


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