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Hi John and Catherine, Here are some examples of videos relevant to your project.

Atkinson Vinden – Right People, Right Advice

Here’s an example of how you can share the fundamental principle of what your business brings to the table. In this case it’s lawyers talking about the value of advice.


What’s the best advice you ever received yourself?

Purpose; using content to link a big idea to your brand

Here’s a video we created for the TED X conference: it’s an example on how you could create content around the idea of brilliance; capture stories of a wide variety of people in short form content.

TED X: Lost In Translation

1 minute tips

We did those for the Australian Business Forum. This could be an interesting format for your events; interview both speakers and participants about their experitise and turn those interviews into 1 minute tip videos.

People behind the brand

Staff profiles work really well to give your prospects a feel of who your are.

Talkshow: Mojo Sessions

Here’s a segment of the pilot I mentioned when we met. I wouldn’t necessarily go for this look for 2Discover, but content wise I think Gary does a great job finding the interesting angles

General Showreel

Here’s a general overview of what Hunting With Pixels does.

High resolves

Sometimes simplicity is key in telling a story about a big idea.

Client testimonials

Here’s a way to approach your client testimonials

 Capturing video of your event

Here are some examples of video we shot at events. Your presentations could look very good at the MCA with the high ceilings and the backdrop.

Liveperson Speaker Highlights

Our multi camera option



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