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        Hi Susan, Here are some examples of videos that we have used in a social media context:

Atkinson Vinden – Right People, Right Advice

Here’s an example of how you can share the fundamental principle of what your business brings to the table. For This client we created 22 clips around various subjects of law and embedded them into LinkedIn articles. Very effective for their audience. Right people, right advice

TED X; using content to link a big idea to your brand

Here’s a video we created for the TED X conference. TED X: Lost In Translation

China Digital

For the China Digital conference we filmed all the keynote speakers and asked them to share one minute tip around doing business with China.

We got great traction on LinkedIn and Facebook with those.

1 minute tips: Istrategy

For Istrategy we create 40 videos in one day around the subjects of the conference. We interviewed participants about insights they can share. These got great traction on Twitter on the second day of the conference and afterwards.

Dejan 30 sec

For Dejan we created 15 videos around SEO subjects. They’ve proven very valuable for their own SEO and engagement on their website. This clip was also used as a Youtube preroll and LinkedIn ad.      

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