Video blogging – why is it so hard to start?

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This is my first video blog Not really. It’s my fourth. The three other ones are still sitting in my draft folder, because they’re ‘not ready’.

Come one, this should be easy for you!

I’ve been meaning to start a video blog for three years now. Hunting With PIxels has produced over 1100 videos for other people in that time span, but not one video blog.

Why is it so hard for us to start?

What I’ve learned from my work and my own experience is that there are three barriers to video blogging.

  1. Perfectionism
  2. Lack of time
  3. No clarity on the direction.

1. Perfectionism

perfectionism There’s a real vulnerability about being filmed, so most of us cringe when we see ourselves on a screen. There’s always something ‘not quite right’, but what may look like ‘striving for perfection’ is really allowing ourselves to give into fear. As a result we don’t publish until our content is perfect, which is.. never.

2. Time: If only we had more time and energy!

As a entrepreneur and a dad of a ludicrously-cute-but-utterly-exhausting 3 year old, I can appreciate time is limited and creating good content is a big investment. time But ultimately it’s not about time. It’s about prioritising. Is creating your my niche by having a voice a good use of my time right now? I came to the conclusion this is not something for ‘later’.

3. Direction

direciont2 Finding your voice can be hard because you’re too close to the subject and there is so much much you could share.

Three things you can do today

If you’ve made the commitment to get started, you’ll vastly improve your chance of success by doing these three things:

1. Get an outsider’s perspective

This blog wouldn’t exist if Kevin Moore and Byron Scaf from our amazing Coraggio advisory board wouldn’t have pushed the button for me. They showed me that done is better than perfect. Outsiders will have a more objective view of your content that you can ever have, use their ability to make an objective decision and let them help you get started. Even if you’re reluctant like I am.

2. Time – You have to make it easy

A well known psychological bias is the planning fallacy. We all consistently underestimate how much time a task will take no matter how much experience we have. A way to get around it is to avoid adding producing video blogs to your already busy schedule. Because it won’t happen. No really.

Here’s how you make it happen.

  1. Plan a content day.
  2. Turn off EVERYTHING.
  3. Get someone to help you finish.

3. Direction – it’s simple if you get help

direction It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to cover everything, so getting a very clear idea on that one thing you want to be known for is essential. So get advice from your business consultant, your marketing agency or advisory board on the direction you need to take. Find someone who can afford to be brutally honest to you: I my experience generally not people who are too close to you unless you’re dutch.

What’s the worst that could happen?

wurst   When we make decisions, we tend to focus on the results of the decision: ‘If I put my video up, someone may make a negative comment about my funny accent’

Not making a decision is a decision too

What we often don’t take into account is the opportunity cost of not making a decision. A decision to not to publish is a decision to not let your voice be heard.

Hey, that was my idea!

Have you noticed that ideas that you may have had a few years back are now ‘owned’ by someone else? Could it be that the difference between you and the other guy/girl is that she just started, making everyone else someone with the great ideas but no content to show for it? This year, I decided I don’t want to be that person anymore, and I hope I can encourage you to do the same.

We all start small

Here’s an example of someone who just started. Gary Vaynerchuk now; 350.000 views on his video, huge on twitter. Nice looking videos. … and Gary three year ago. Not bad, but does this look like something unattainable to you?

But those successful people make it look so easy..

Yes, by having all false starts years before you ever heard of them. But they still started.

Press that button!

Businesses that communicate well grow faster because engaging content amplifies their message. But you have to start.   red button

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