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Congratulations. You’re part of Hunting With Pixels Club Of Favourite People.

It’s always nice to know that you’re part of some Secret Club of course, but generally Secret Clubs will spam you silly or become a weird religious sect. Hmm.

But seriously.

We really enjoyed having you as a client/friend/collaborator this year and we’d love to show a bit of gratitude, so we’d like to invite you to our Pre Christmas Make A Christmas VIdeo Party on the 9th of November, starting at 15.00.

Drinking Like Fishes

Apart from snacks, quality booze including Jared’s recently invented ‘Drinking Like Fishes’ cocktail we’d like to offer you an opportunity to make a quirky/serious/informative Christmas Video that you can then send to your favourite clients.

And all for Actual Free, instead of Free*!

What’s next?

Here’s the process; come up with something to say (150 words max, 60-90 seconds), rehearse the script, thinks of a beautiful/ridiculous/weird and wonderful background and send it over and we’ll shoot it for you on the 9th!
To prevent Neil and Jared from descending into Editing Hell and missing Xmas alltogether, here’s some fine print;

Club Members Only!

This is a personal invite, so only you plus guests/extras for your video and you will need to rsvp for this, so we can fire up the ol’ camera, get the pyrotechnics ready and stock up the 70’s bar.

Our Event

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