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Hi Steve, Here is the videos from the interview back in April. Question 1 and 2 Could you tell us who you are and what you do? What is PR in your view? Question 3 If you technological change over the last few years how would you describe the change in your industry? Question 4 In your blog i think you mentioned that every company should be a media company in some way, how do you think this translates to small and medium businesses and the strategies they employ, with youtube and the like? Question 5 Do you think that companies are more generous with information are more successful in terms of turnover or market share? Question 6 What’s your take on recent this social media backlash, things like Sherry Turkle’s book “Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other”? Question 7 How do you see the next 2 or so years in terms of PR? What do you think could be some of the trends? Question 8 Is there a business that you feel is an example for good practice in PR? Question 9 How do you see the role of video in social media going into the future? Question 10 How would you define meaningful and is there a company that might be an example of best practice in video? Question 11 Given the large range of social media outlets how do small and medium businesses choose which ones to invest the time into? Question 12 What drives you to do what you do? Question 13 Do you think there is something behind your enjoyment of working at Edelman, like for example does it stem from curiosity? Question 14 How do you find what you love to do? Is it luck or a mindset that allows you to explore things you are passionate about?

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