Showreels for speakers; a great way to use online business video.

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How does presenting live translate to video?

As a professional speaker, what you sell is the fact that you can really engage your audience. Great speakers have this amazing ability to create a spark and inspire people to challenge their own ideas. The problem is that it’s really difficult that translate that to online video. When you do a presentation people in the audience have this great experience, but when you watch it back on a small video, it just doesn’t come across.

Live vs Studio

The reason for this is that the environment in which you present is conducive to live performance. The lighting, the audio and the background just aren’t right for video. You could do your presentation in a studio of course, but then you miss that interaction with the audience that really gets your presentation to that next level.

Why not combine?

So when we recently talked to our friend Nigel Collin, who’s an awesome ‘on camera presenting’ coach, we thought it would be great if we could combine a live presentation for an audience with the controlled environment of a studio. Have a look at the video;

So what are we offering?

For $ 1495,- you get:

If you want, you can recoup some of the cost by selling tickets for the event! So get in touch now!  

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