Short Takes: communication with purpose on the 20th of September 2012

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There’s so much media around us, trying to outshout each other and get their Key Messages in our heads; it seems to get harder to get through all the time.


Some seem to think that it’s about shouting even louder; blast Facebook, buy Twitter friends and just repeat the message over and over again. Social media seems to only add to the information overload, and now we seem to reach everyone but touch noone.

Maybe it’s not about being louder

Organisations and people who communicate with purpose don’t seem to need to shout. People just naturally connect to the message.

How do they do that?

This Short Takes is about learning from people who communicate with purpose and build a following based on shared values.

Anthony Carroll

Anthony is the Brand and Marketing Strategist for Yellow Sneakers, a Brand & Marketing Strategy Consultancy that specialises in helping businesses & organisations develop their brand.     Anthony will talk about purpose driving a brand or business, using the example of TOMS shoes, which was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie. Blake witnessed extreme poverty while travelling in Argentina and decided to do something about it.

One For One

Toms shoes is based on an innovative social business model that Anthony will discuss in his talk at Short Takes. For every pair of shoes bought from Toms, they donate a pair.

Debbie Pask

Debbie is the Co-Founder of Rezinate, a business which aims to help people tap into the power of their own energy, to bring change, heal, balance and a find a clear sense of self and purpose.

Live with purpose

Debbie’s core passion is to help people discover & unlock their own ‘life purpose’ and then go about planning and designing their utopian business around it. Debbie will offer insights into how you can find your unique purpose and stay centred within that, so what you say and do is always authentic to who you are.

David Gravina

Social entrepreneur and grass roots activist Dave Gravina is the CEO and Founder of Digital Eskimo. Dave is also the founder of Do Gooder, a new online platform that provide anyone with a good cause – from concerned citizens to campaigning heavy-weights – with access to powerful, affordable campainging tools. Dave will show how not for profits can use creative campaigning to engage with their supporters and radically improve their fund raising results.

When / Where?

Communication With Purpose is happening on the 20th of September 2012 at the Hunting With Pixels HQ on level 1, 270 King Street, Newtown. Doors open at 18.30, the event starts at 19.00 sharp!

Parking Anxiety

For those who aren’t Crazy Dutch People who insist on riding the bikes everywhere, Newtown can seem a bit daunting parking wise. Here are some parking tips for when you visit the HWP headquarters. King Street parking is possible, but a bit off a long shot in the evening. There’s a carpark behind HWP on Wilson St, as well as the Franklins car park on the corner of Lennox and Church Streets. If all else fails, try the Camperdown Memorial Park on Federation Road. Our address is level 1, 270 King Street in Newtown. Here’s the Google Maps link.


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