Short Takes 03 on the 22nd of September: Make a first impression that lasts

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In today’s media saturated world, it’s more important then ever to cut through. The problem is that we are all approached from so many angles that we commit every shorter bits of time to everything just to keep up! This is why getting the first impression right is more important then ever. This Short Takes will look at first impressions from a variety of perspectives. We’d like to thank business coach and guru extraordinaire Hugh Todd for coming up with the brilliant title ‘First Impressions That Last’. Gold.

Emma Mc Dermott: You Are The Brand: how Personal Brand and Reputation Management can transform your business.

“Personal Brand” is a term that has become widely used with the rise of social media, but it is often misunderstood. Your physical appearance is just one aspect of your personal brand, but it is critical to your reputation and the scope of your influence. Understanding the non-verbal messages your appearance is sending to your clients and prospects allows you to present yourself appropriately and authentically for any situation – work or play. Stylist and Personal Brand Adviser, Emma McDermott will give us some tips and techniques for becoming memorable for the right reasons.     Emma has a background in marketing and brand management in the corporate sector and now runs her own business My Personal Stylist, helping professionals and small business owners make a lasting impression.

Lis Faenza: The human element of business

When we meet someone who is authentic at every level we are drawn to them and open to what they have to offer. In any business everyone involved needs believe and literally digest the company’s mission and vision, or the mismatch will be picked up, and your business will come across as a business that has no focus or integrity. Lis will share some key principles you can use to get clarity about your own values and principles, and align your actions to those – and then work to find alignment with the mission and vision of your business.       Lis is a keynote speaker and mentor. She has designed her current suite of presentations to address the void that exists in evidence based approaches to managing performance and productivity.


Nigel Collin: First impressions on camera; having the right state of mind and starting smoothly.

One camera presenting guru Nigel Collin will share share some more practical tips on how to make that great first impression when presenting to camera.     Nigel Collin is a creative facilitator, speaker and mentor who has worked with and hung out with creative people, innovative thinkers and thought leaders most of his life. He understands the importance of inspiring people to be more creative and giving them the skills, confidence and resources to do so.  

Mandi Bateson: make a first impression or social media will make it for you.

“Is the Google search the sworn enemy of the first impression? Is bad Facebook etiquette the new social faux pas? Before you get a chance to make an impression your social media presence may be making it for you. Find out how social media can help – rather than hinder – your personal and professional reputation right from the start”.     Mandi Bateson is Digital Director at Hill & Knowlton, and a keynote speaker and expert on social media, Community management; Social CRM; Content seeding and Influencer outreach among others!   So what is Short Takes like? Here’s a video of our previous Short Takes:

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